Clay is a wonderful material that has the most amazing ability to be manipulated to create a myriad of textures and surfaces even before any glaze is applied, so it is somewhat ironic that I have chosen to use it as a series of flat planes and build forms using a set square and ruler.

Likewise decoration has a long history with ceramics and whilst my work frequently uses pattern and decoration on the surface it has, over time, become more pared down, now using mainly simple blocks of coloured glaze to emphasise the geometric forms.

Glaze alone is such a varied and awesome material, the joy of watching two types meet and react is sometimes enough, however subtle that reaction might be.

My interest in ceramics was first sparked during evening classes given by Oriel Harwood, many years ago in Camberwell. I enthusiastically went on to study for a diploma in ceramics at the CityLit and after a BA (Hons) at Camberwell College of Art since when I have had a studio in Peckham, SE London.